Buchla and Singing is a the debut album from Reed & Caroline.

It was released on CD and via Digital Download on October 14th 2016.

• Singularity (We Bond)
• Washing Machine
• Electrons
• Spinned
• John and Rene
• Nightmarf
• Henry the Worm
• Rene’s Red Room
• Harmonic Generator
• Oh My Dog
• Talking Blanket
• Singularity (We Bond) [Bright Light Bright Light Remix]
• Electrons [Vince Clarke Remix]

The Digital Download format is available to pre-order now from iTunes, and anyone purchasing the release during the pre-order period will be able to download the track ‘Singularity (We Bond)’ immediately.

The limited-edition CD format is available in the online shop while stocks last.